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Learn about the GDT by reading journals and viewing photos of other hikers’ adventures on the Great Divide…

Into the Wild Divide and Into Cascadia – Tara and Dan Durston’s 2017 GDT Yo-Yo thru-hike.

This trail was so much more than I could ever have imagined! More wild. More scenic. More difficult. More sacred. MORE WONDERFUL.


Over the Divide  – Jeanine Hoffart’s 2017 GDT thru-hike.

Buck-30 on the Great Divide Trail – Brian Tanzman’s 2016 GDT thru-hike.

As The Trail Turns – Amanda “Not-a-Chance” Timeoni’s 2016 GDT thru-hike.

Walking With Wired – Erin “Wired” Saver’s 2015 GDT thru-hike.

It is a one of a kind trail unique from others in its remoteness, challenging terrain, weather, and rewarding scenery. It was all worth the challenges and is now my favorite trail. What a journey!


A Door Step Adventure – Alberta boys, Jake Alleyne and Liam Harrap 252-day, 5,507-kilometre journey from Jasper to Mexico on the Great Divide in 2014.

How does one pick up the threads of an old life? How do you go on, when in your heart you realize there is no going back. There are some adventures that go too deep that have taken hold.


Hiking the Pacific Northwest Trail and the Great Divide Trail – Zdenek Sychrava’s 2014 GDT thru-hike.

Spiff, Six and the Great Divide Trail – Alex Karpoff and Sye Laird’s 2012 GDT thru-hike.

Jellybean’s GDT Journal – Jeannie Zortman’s 2012 GDT thru-hike.

This is an amazing trail! I highly recommend it.


Ben Mayberry’s 2011 GDT thru-hike.

[On the GDT] I began an 800 mile stretch of the most consistently stunning hiking I’ve ever done. I’ve hiked through areas that rivaled the Canadian Rockies in quality but I’ve never been anywhere that was so consistently scenic and wild… nearly every day contained some event or sight that had me grinning with wonder.


Tips and Tales from Cam Honan’s 2011 GDT thru-hike.

Uniformly jaw dropping vistas from start to finish…  perhaps the most scenically impressive of the Long Walks. 


Canadoug’s GDT Journal – Doug Borthwick’s 2010 GDT thru-hike.

Jed Flint’s set of printable maps of the entire Great Divide Trail based on his 2009 thru-hike.

Spirit Eagle – Jim and Ginny Owen’s 2007 GDT thru-hike.

The Great Divide Trail is beautiful, remote and very challenging. It is, in theory, what some thruhikers want in a trail.


Trail Magic – Brad Vaillancourt and Christy Stesky’s 2006 GDT thru-hike.

My heart aches to be back in the mountains yearning for the simplicity and vividness of my life on the Great Divide…


Justin Luchter’s 2005 CDT/GDT thru-hike.

The GDT is a difficult trail, it dwarfs the cross-country of the CDT, but everything you have to go through is well worth it. The GDT goes through some of the prettiest places that I have ever been.


Great Divide Trail: Kananaskis Lakes to Field – Steph Durocher’s 2005 GDT section hike.

Tramping on the Spine of Canada – Chris Willett’s 2004 GDT thru-hike.


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