Pathfinder Newsletter – Winter 2017


The trail may be sleeping all snug under it’s winter coat, but the GDTA is busy as ever and has some exciting news to share in this Winter edition of the Pathfinder Newsletter, including: The release of our Trail Maintenance Trip Schedule and Call for Volunteers Setting of our 2017 …

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Backcountry Kitchen


Let’s Get Dehydrated! By: Shannon Budesilic Any back-country dehydrating enthusiasts out there? This weekend, I managed to dehydrate some beautiful kiwi (little green, sweet gems) and some saskatoons and cranberries. The saskatoons, being a little dry already, turned out a little like saska-raisins, which are cool little blue shriveled things …

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Draft Castle Management Plan


A few weeks ago the Alberta Government proceeded with an Order in Council to make both the Castle Provincial Park and the Castle Wildland Provincial Park official. For the history of this process, you must go all the way back to 1895 when part of the area was included in …

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Julia Lynx Concert: A Benefit for GDTA


The AWA headquarters was packed on Saturday, January 28 as it hosted the first event of 2017 put forth by the GDTA Outreach Committee:  Julia Lynx concert: A Benefit for the GDTA. Julia Lynx thru-hiked the GDTA in 1996 with her partner Dustin, an experience that eventually evolved into a …

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